January 2 or 3

Trip to Rome, Italy.

Thomas, Jaspar, Quersin and Humair (the International Jazz Quartet) go to Rome, where they join Amedeo Tommasi, an italian pianist who has recorded several radio shows in Belgium and played in Comblain this year. He knows Thomas, Pelzer, Jaspar and he's probably the one who organizes their arrival.


January 4

RAI 'Tempo Di Jazz', RAI studios, Rome, Italy

A. Mazolatti from the RAI TV want to record Rene Thomas and Bobby Jaspar with a local rhythm section, that is pianist Amadeo Tommasi, bassist Maurizio Majorana and drummer Franco Mondini.


January 5

Recording of 'Chet Is Back' LP, RCA studios, Rome, Italy

This is the return of Chet Baker, with the International Jazz Quintet : Rene Thomas, Bobby Jaspar, Benoit quersin, Amedeo Tommasi, Daniel Humair. This LP is one of Chet's masterpieces : he's in great form, Jaspar is on the top and the alchemy between the sidemen is fantastic. They record : Barbados, These Foolish Things, Over The Rainbow, Pent' Up House, Ballata In Forma Di Blues, Blues In The Closet, Well You Needn't and Star Eyes.


Early January

Concerts with Chet Baker, Rome, Italy

Rene Thomas and Bobby Jaspar play some concerts in Rome with Chet Baker and his italian rhythm section (Mondini, Tommasi, Majorana).


Early January

"Thomas-Jaspar Quintet" recording, Rome, Italy

The recording date of this LP is not known : though the booklet gives October 1961, that should be better January 62. Jaspar and Thomas record 8 tracks with the Italian rhythm section (Mondini, Tommasi, Majorana) : Oleo, Half Nelson, Hannie's Dream, Bernie's Taste, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, and two Thomas compositions : Theme For Freddy, I Remember Sonny.


January 18 ->
January 28

Ronnie Scott's Club, London, UK

The International Jazz Quartet (Thomas, Jaspar, Humair, Quersin) plays at the Ronnie Scott's Club for two weeks. The repertoire contains tunes like Like Someone In Love, Stella By Starlight, Sonny Moon For Two, Be Like Bud, Our Delight, Darn That Dream, Indicatif, Pent Up House, Oleo.


January 25

BBC Session, BBC Studio, London, UK

The International Jazz Quartet, which is in London for the engagement at Ronnie Scott's, records Pent Up House, I Could Happen To You, Au Privave, Pennies From Heaven and Well You Needn't for the BBC.



Brussels, Belgium

The International Jazz Quintet records the tune Minor Delinquent for the Belgian radio BRT. The band is now composed by Rene Thomas, Bobby Jaspar (tenor, flute), Benoit Quersin (bass), Amadeo Tommasi (piano) and Kurt Bond (drums).


March 21

Teatro La Gran Guardia, Livorno, Italy

Rene Thomas and Bobby Jaspar join Chet Baker band (Tommasi on piano, Mondini on bass and Tommaso on drums) for the second part of a concert in Livorno (Leghorn) at the Teatro La Gran Guardia. The first part is played by the Quartetto di Lucca without Chet Baker. Chet's program is supposed to be Solar, Tune Up, Just friends, Stella By Starlight, Pent Up House, MFV, Blues And Boogie. When the Belgian musicians appear in Livorno,everything has been arranged including the money aspect and can not be changed.Chet pays Thomas and Jaspar out of his wallet. The Concert has been organized by the Associazione Riunite Concerti in the person of Lauro Lubrano, after a promotion by Paolo Benvenuti. Rene Thomas and Bobby Jaspar do not play in the first two or three tunes of the second part of the concert.


April 6 or 7

Festival del Jazz, Palazzo dello Sport, Bologna, Italy

Rene Thomas performed at this festival, probably with the Kenny Drew trio: Giovanni Tommaso on bass and Larry Ritchie on drums (replacing Kenny Clarke who was scheduled).


April 8

Modena Jazz Festival, Teatro Municipale, Modena, Italy

Rene Thomas performs with the Kenny Drew trio (Giovanni Tommaso on bass and Larry Ritchie on drums) at Teatro Municipale as part of the Modena Jazz Festival.


April 15

Cantina, Bologna, Italy

Rene Thomas and Chet Baker are in Bologna with George Grunz rhythm section (pianist George Grunz, bassist Kate Geier and drummer Eberhard Stengel). They play Our Delight, Miles Davis composition Solar, a beautiful version of Pennies From Heaven and Parker's Donna Lee.


April 24 or 14

Modena Jazz Festival, Teatro Municipale, Modena, Italy

For his second show at Modena Festival, Rene Thomas plays in Chet Baker band with Bobby Jaspar on tenor, Jacques Pelzer on alto, Amadeo Tommasi on piano, Giovanni Tommaso on bass, Antonello Vannucchi on piano and Franco Mondini on drums .


July 21

Antibes Jazz festival, Pinede Gould, Antibes, France

Rene Thomas plays with Jimmy Smith Trio (Jimmy Smith on organ, Donald Bailey on drums) at this festival, the show is (partially ?) recorded and broadcasted by the ORTF. This concert is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the festival.


Betw. July 18
and July 24

Antibes Jazz festival, Pinede Gould, Antibes, France

The Polonese orchestra The Wreckers is replaced by Rene Thomas with a trio (drummer Daniel Humair, pianist Joel Van Drogenbrook and bassist Benoit Quersin). Here is a short report from Jazz Hot (sept. 1962) with Thomas playing on a Stratocaster guitar! The ORTF broadcasts several titles, including Well You Needn't and Moonlight in Vermont.


August 4 ->
August 5

Comblain-La-Tour Jazz festival, Comblain-La-Tour, Belgium

Rene Thomas plays in several formations for this Comblain edition. He first leads his own quartet with Jacques Pelzer (sax), Daniel humair (drums) and Benoit Quersin (bass) on saturday and organizes the jam session in the night.





On sunday, Thomas plays in Lou Bennett Trio (Lou Bennett on organ and Vivi Martens on drums) and again with his quartet, possibly with pianist Tommy Goodman instead of Pelzer (according to Musica Jazz).





November 9

Rouen, France

Rene Thomas and Sonny Criss (sax) play with Henri Renaud Orchestra (Henri Renaud on piano, Sonny Grey on trumpet, Franco Manzecchi on drums and Michel Gaudry on bass) for a radio broadcasted concert.


December 7

NDR Jazz Workshop, Grosser Sendersaal, Hamburg, Germany

Thomas and Jacques Pelzer (flute, alto) play with Don Ellis (trumpet), Klaus Doldinger (tenor sax), Ingfried Hoffmann (organ, piano), Benoit Quersin (bass) and Kenny Clarke (drums) in this 28th Hamburg Workshop. The show is recorded and brodcasted by the German radio NDR. After an Introduction tune, they play Theme For Freddie, Six-Eight Pleasure, then Thomas gives a solo version of Crespuscule With Nellie and Thomas-Pelzer improvise on Indicatif, J.J., Be Like Bud and another unknown tune. The band finishes the set with the Introduction tune.


December 15 ->
December 16

Nuit du Jazz, Salle Wagram, Paris, France

Rene Thomas is scheduled to play for the Nuit du Jazz, probably with the Lou Bennett Trio (Lou Bennett on organ and Charles Bellonzi on drums).



Blue Note, Paris, France

Thomas is now in the Lou Bennett Trio (Lou Bennett on organ and Charles Bellonzi on drums) at the Blue Note.






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