On February 29 and March 7, Len Dobbin will make two "Rene Thomas special" in his weekly program (11am-1pm) at CKUT (90.3 FM) Canadian radio. The radio can be listened by the net at www.ckut.ca. There will be some unissued live material, thanks to Rene's daughter Florence. (28/02/04)

On May 24, the Belgian Post will release a collection of postage stamps in honour of a few Belgian jazzmen, including Rene Thomas and Bobby Jaspar: take a look here. (28/02/04)

Unfortunetly, Leo Flechet is dead early in the month, he was 75 years old. He played piano with Thomas in the forties and in Robert Jeanne Quintet (featuring Thomas) in 1968-69. These last years, he has continued to play with young jazzmen in Liege. (28/02/04)

The recording "Thomas-Jaspar Quintet" has been reissued on CD by BMG, this is the second reissue. (07/02/04)

Georges Leclercq is dead on December 7th, 2003. He played with all the greatest jazzmen from Liege, including Rene Thomas. (07/02/04)

The RTBF 2 has broadcasted, on december 9, a one hour documentary nammed '3 days in April' which contains a performance by Rene Thomas Trio, with F. Simtaine and F.Deronde. I will have more info soon. (28/12/02)

I've begun to transfer the site into php files, new version comming soon. I hope to add in the discography section some interactive things. I work too on the french version of the site. (28/12/02)

I'm sorry to tell you that Juliette Thomas, Rene's sister, is dead on january 10th of this year. She was also a talented musician as she was an accomplished pianist. As you might know, Rene's beautiful composition Juliette was a dedication to her. (10/03/02)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) The book of Frederic Chef is released by "Coq a l'ane" edition. It's called "Etrange Pays De Marne" and the subject is obviously the Marne, but there are several pages on Rene Thomas. (24/12/01)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) It seems that the project of the compilation of rare Rene Thomas material by the Belgian label Igloo is stopped, unfortunetly. (24/12/01)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) I've created a mailing-list related to the website. You can subscribe by sending a mail at thomasia-request@ml.free.fr with subject : subscribe. If you subscribe, you will be informed by email when the site is updated, when some news about Rene Thomas come, or it gives you the possibility to discuss about Rene Thomas with all the persons which have subscribed. (02/08/01)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) I'm happy to see that "Jazzman" french magazine (April) has put a few lines in his "news" section about this Rene Thomas Unofficial Homepage. "Jazz Hot" has put a line on thomasia in the july release. (25/07/01)



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