Various tributes to Rene Thomas

fleche1.gif (94 octets) The first tribute to R.Thomas is the concert at the Conservatoire in Liege, on January 15th 1975, just 9 days after his death, in order to finance the repatriation of his body from Santander, Spain. Here is the poster and the programme :

fleche1.gif (94 octets) The "Jaspar-Thomas Fondation" has been created for several years and it's managed at the Maison du Jazz de Liege by J.P.Schroeder, J.M.Peterken, S.Hacquier, P.Haulet, Danielle Baeb. They are making a great job in the memory of Rene Thomas and the jazz in Belgium. There are some expositions, jazz lessons, a library and a huge collection of jazz recordings.

fleche1.gif (94 octets) The city of Liege has created a park in honour of Rene Thomas. To be complete, they have made one for his friend Bobby Jaspar too.

fleche1.gif (94 octets) The Belgian Post will release a collection of postage stamps in honour of a few Belgian jazzmen, including Rene Thomas and Bobby Jaspar

Covers and dedications

Here is a collection of recordings by various artists which contain either covers of Rene Thomas' compositions or dedications.


Philippe Catherine


Rene Mailhes


Michel Herr-Jack Van Poll
Tribute To Belgian Jazz


Fabien Degryse
Hommage a Rene Thomas


Saxo 1000
Remembering Bobby Jaspar And Rene Thomas


Larry Coryell


Christian Escoude-Michel Grailler


Cool Trance Quartet
Cool Trance Quartet


Christian Escoude
At Duc Des Lombards


Philippe Roux
Thank you Eddy


PMitch Seidman
How 'bout It?


Bernard Lubat
Bernard Lubat


Philippe Catherine


Robert Jeanne


Eddy Louiss


Claude Barthelemy




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