fleche1.gif (94 octets) I'm sorry to tell you that Juliette Thomas, Rene's sister, is dead on january 10th of this year. She was also a talented musician as she was an accomplished pianist. As you might know, Rene's beautiful composition Juliette was a dedication to her. (10/03/01)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) The book of Frederic Chef is released by "Coq a l'ane" edition. It's called "Etrange Pays De Marne" and the subject is obviously the Marne, but there are several pages on Rene Thomas. (24/12/01)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) It seems that the project of the compilation of rare Rene Thomas material by the Belgian label Igloo is stopped, unfortunetly. (24/12/01)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) I've created a mailing-list related to the website. You can subscribe by sending a mail at thomasia-request@ml.free.fr with subject : subscribe. If you subscribe, you will be informed by email when the site is updated, when some news about Rene Thomas come, or it gives you the possibility to discuss about Rene Thomas with all the persons which have subscribed. (02/08/01)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) I'm happy to see that "Jazzman" french magazine (April) has put a few lines in his "news" section about this Rene Thomas Unofficial Homepage. "Jazz Hot" has put a line on thomasia in the july release. (25/07/01)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) There was on June 15 a concert in honour of Leo Flechet : it's called "Parcours Flechet". It was at the Centre Culturel of Ans (Belgium). There was Leo Flechet, Jo Verthe, Jean-Louis Baudouin, Jean Lerusse, Robert Jeanne, Steve Houben, Antoine Cirri, Pol Champagne ... that is the band who played with Rene Thomas during 1968-69 and several Jazzmen who have played or known Thomas. (25/07/01)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) Frederic Chef has written a book about the Marne, with several pages on Rene Thomas Tour in the eastern and northern parts of France in 1968. The book will be released during next autumn in France. (30/05/01)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) Universal has just reissued on CD both LP Meeting Mister Thomas and Pentacostal Feeling, in the collection "Jazz In Paris", like The Real Cat and Mr Blues Pour Flirter. (28/04/01)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) Belgian label Igloo will probably realease next Autumn a CD with several rare Rene Thomas recordings , notably a track with Robert Jeanne recorded in 1968. The project seems to be done in collaboration with La Maison Du jazz De Liege. (15/04/01)

fleche1.gif (94 octets) There will be in September 2001 in Paris an exhibition on Belgian Jazz with probably some things related to Bobby Jaspar, Rene Thomas, Jacques Pelzer ... (15/04/01)



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